Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moses Nagamootoo deceived himself and 35,000 behind him.

It is as clear as crystal that the ultimate intention of Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo was to deceive the 35,333 persons who voted for the Alliance For Change(AFC) at the last general and regional elections.

The guessing game is over and it is clear that the AFC’s gravitation towards the APNU (new PNC) was imminent, and it was only a matter of time before the people saw the true colours of the leaders of the AFC.

The people recall that during the November 28 election campaign last year, leaders of the AFC had specifically stated their intention of staying clear of the APNU. The people that voted for the AFC, therefore, did so with a burning desire to keep out the new PNC (APNU) at all cost. But lo, and behold, before the dust was settled, the AFC supporters were horror-struck by the reckless union between the AFC and the APNU.

The majority of those 35,000 persons are now licking their wounds, because both Moses Nagamootoo and Ramjattan have betrayed their trust by employing their wicked machinations of going to bed with the APNU. Great deal for Ramjattan and Nagamootoo, but a tragic recourse for the people who were duped into supporting that party. Their bitterness have now turned to anger because of the reckless leadership of the AFC.

The people remember too well that during its election campaign, AFC leaders had openly rejected any union with the APNU. This was also the position adopted by that party’s supporters, and based on this premise, they went to the polls. However they are now expressing bewilderment at the fact that the leaders of the AFC have shown commonality with the APNU.

The people are also cognisant of the fact that the APNU is old wine in a new bottle, meaning the PNC with a change of name. Yes, the same PNC that ground the people of this country to the dust during the 28 years of despotic rule. Those people who therefore voted for the AFC were the people who did not want to have anything to do with the PNC.

The Guyanese public also recall that newly selected speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, was also in the hierarchy of the PNC before falling from grace. He subsequently announced his resignation from the PNC and teamed up with Khemraj Ramjattan and a few other discarded politicians to form the Alliance For Change. They started their new political journey with vitriolic recollections of the PNC. This venom for the PNC was carried throughout their short years of campaigning, to the last elections when they were joined by Moses Nagamootoo.

The Guyanese electorate at that time believed that this was Nagamootoo’s biggest blunder, which would one day return to haunt him. Indeed it did not take long before the return of the haunt, and it really pained on the rebound. The rejection of Nagamootoo by APNU for the position of Speaker of the House was undeniably, the icing on the cake for him.

The APNU instead sanctioned Trotman for the position, and Nagamootoo was left in the cold.
APNU’s leader, David Granger, openly rejected Nagamootoo because he was a former member of the PPP and could not be trusted with the Speaker’s position. In the same breath, Granger gave his blessings to Trotman, despite the fact that Trotman was also a former member of the PNC. So while Granger could not trust the former PPP man, he trusted the former PNC man.

It is not surprising that Moses Nagamootoo with all his self-professed guile as a politician deceived himself on principle, when in justifying Trotman’s elevation as Speaker; he failed to consider that Trotman was from the PNC, the same way Granger claimed that he (Nagamootoo) was from the PPP and could not be trusted for the Speaker’s position.

Now, it is in the public domain that the AFC and Nagamootoo have deceived their supporters who have also grown angry at the reckless leadership of Ramjattan. He is now collaborating fully with APNU. This is indeed a great betrayal of the people who voted for the AFC. The AFC supporters are certainly taking note of all these developments, for they know that time is the healer of all aches.

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