Saturday, February 18, 2012

After calling for reinstatement of national awards in 2010 AFC joins APNU in voting down expenditure for the 2011 event

Click on image to see Trotman's 2010 call for the return
of the national awards in Guyana

In 2010 Alliance for Change(AFC) leader Raphael Trotman called for the reinstatement of national awards in Guyana but on Thursday during the third sitting of the national assembly his party joined with the APNU to vote down expenditure for 2011 National investiture ceremony contained in the supplementary paper #7.


  1. The AFC is showing that they gonna follow the multitude cause they are the ones who asked for this and now voted against it cause ANPU don't want it.

  2. This here clear show us that the AFC is just a follower and seem afraid to agree with the govt on certain issues.

  3. Trotman must have told the AFC that they gonna have favor with APNU on everything.