Friday, February 3, 2012

Freddie Kissoon describes PPP supporters in email correspondence as "masochistic dogs" & "self-destructive animals"

See for yourselves, this is no make up story!
Below is an email correspondence between dismissed UG lecturer, Freddie Kissoon and several other prominent personalities who reside in the GUYSUCO housing scheme at Turkeyen. In his response to an earlier email sent by one of the villagers updating residents on progress made with respect to the roads in that area Kissoon launched a vitriolic attack on persons within who voted for the PPP .

From: fred kissoon Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 15:52:12 To: ; Cc: om>; ; ; ;>; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; m>; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; m>; ; ; ; ; >; ; ; ; ;>; ; >
Subject: Re: Road Repairs

khushie take me off your list. i don't want to be part of anything to do with a majority of the people in this community. as a person who has access to the statements of poll (SOPs) of the AFC in the last election, I know a majority of the people who live in this community voted for the PPP. I went through the APNU' s SOPs too, so I know. I deliberately wanted to check to see how people voted in this community because of the road. I met one of the residents in Survival supermarket and told her my feelings. I am referring to the Green House where you used to live. The PPP punished these people and are punishing them with this road, yet these masochistic dogs and self-destructive animals went and voted for the very people who are refusing to repair the roads. An APNU or AFC Government would have fixed this road through the contacts some of us have with high level leaders in both of these parties. These people are not fit to have children. They are populating Guyana with more filth like themselves. Nowhere in the world voters would behave like this. You think the PPP is stupid. They have their own SOPs so they know these Pavlovian dogs voted for them. So why help a dog who keeps accepting its whipping and wants to be whipped. I don't want anything to do with these human caricatures. One day the road will be fixed. Good luck with your tolerance of the some of the worst filth civilization has given mankind. My brotherly love to you, Freddie

--- On Sun, 1/29/12, narine khushie wrote:

From: narine khushie
Subject: Re: Road Repairs
To: "Jairam Petam"
Cc: "Arts of Living Foundation" om>, "Barry" , "Bryan Macintosh" , "Cheryl Douglas" , "D Chand" , "Dolly Beer" , "Fazadh Khan" , "Fazadh Khan" , "freddy kissoon" , "Gregory Sills" , "Heera Bulkhan" , "Ian Mc Donald" , "Jai Bhandoo" , "Jai Pitam" , "Jamaal Douglas" m>, "Jamaal Douglas" m>, "Jerry Goolsarran" , "John Chin" , "Julious Corlette" , "Mahendra Dalip" , "Maurissa Johnson" , "Mitra Ramkumar" , "Nigel Niles" , "Orlano" , "Paloma M." , "Pertab Singh" , "Pertab Singh" , "Ramdeo Kumar" , "Ray Jeffery" , "Rita Gafoor" , "Rodney" , "Rodney Raghubansee" m>, "Ronald Surujballi" , "Rose Ramdehol" , "Roy" , "Sharwan Dasrat" , "Subby Rampertab" >, "Verlyn Klass" , "Vijai Dass" , "Vishnu Panday" , "Yoganand Mahadeo" , "">, "" , "" >
Date: Sunday, January 29, 2012, 7:27 AM

Dear Mr. Petam and all residents,
I asked M&CC many times to do basic repair to the road and I always get the same answers:
1. The Area has too many empty house lots remaining. M&CC is saying with so many houses yet to construct, it doesn't make sense to do the road since it will eventually be destroyed.
2. M&CC don't have money to do the road in our area, so I see this as hopeless.
I have also been running after Ministry of Public Work since July last year for some help and Minster Benn had promised me he will help but first he will have to get an assessment from one of his Engineers. Well, only last week Tuesday the Engineer did the inspection and he informed me that he has forwarded his report to Minister .He recommend that the Ministry grade the road and make it a bit more level. He also says that the area falls under M&CC and they are not responsible to do work in such area. As such I will have to accept this little help until something further can be done.
I am waiting on feedback from the engineer as to when he will send the equipment to do the work and as soon as I get that info. I will let all of you know.

From: Jairam Petam
To: narine khushie
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:15 AM
Subject: Road Repairs

Is there any hope that the roads in our housing area will be repaired? The roadways are now totally impassable.

Best Regards

Jai Petam
Human Resource Director
Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc

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