Monday, February 13, 2012

Is this how Granger and company see the present ‘dispensation’?

They say that we hear what we want to hear and we see what we want to see. And so we have the proverbs: “None so deaf as those who will not hear” and “None so blind as those who will not see”. In modern psychology, they have devised a test – the Rorschach Test – which brings this point out most graphically (pun intended). The subject is presented with random shapes produced by inkblots and asked what he/she “sees”. The results reveal the state of mind of the subject – especially his/her neuroses and phobias etc.
President Ramotar’s speech to Parliament last Friday was a Rorschach Test for the opposition politicians. Mark Archer, the ex-army officer who returned to Guyana to ensconce his former boss Granger into the presidency, wrote a long missive in the Kaieteur News – which definitely reflects his master’s voice. The president’s speech, he complained, did not fit the moment. He should have echoed Churchill’s: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”
Now this is very interesting thought from these military minds. Churchill uttered those words when Hitler was preparing to launch his onslaught on Britain during WWII and Churchill took over the helm of his beleaguered country. Is this how Granger and company see the present ‘dispensation’? With their majority in the National Assembly, they plan to overrun the executive with their Hiterlite Blitz? The engagements over the Speaker and the Committee of Selections were just preliminary skirmishes? We hope President Ramotar notes the results of the Rorschach Test.
Granger himself took pains to point out he was leader of the majority in the House of Assembly. Confirming that the AFC was now in an alliance or coalition with the APNU; Ramjattan did not reject this designation. Granger echoed Trotman (whom he had appointed as Speaker) and invited the president to visit Parliament more often. Right! For further ambushes? “Come into my parlour,” said the spider to the fly. We all know what happened to the fly.

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