Monday, February 20, 2012

AFC's pattern of inconsistencies is hurting its survival

Political analysts say the AFC's collaboration with the APNU will soon cause its demise. There is widespread fallout among AFC supporters, especially from East Berbice Corentyne who are convinced they have been deceived by that party's leadership.

Last week supporters in Region 6 shunned AFC leaders in their quest to hold a meeting referring to them as traitors. One of the AFC organizers in the region said, "We are totally dissatisfied with them(AFC) joining with the PNC(APNU) when these very criminals denied us our basic rights in the past. They killed and robbed us of our ballots and kept us in poverty", he contended, attracting applause from the small group of eleven persons in attendance.

There have been many examples of AFC double standard, dubiousness and inconsistencies. A classic example of this charge is the recent collaboration with APNU to vote against national awards expenditure.

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