Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arson attempt at Dr Richard Van West Charles' office

-Corbin blamed

Firemen extinguishing flames

Son-in-law of former President Forbes Burnham, Dr Richard Van West Charles believes that an arson attempt this morning at his Kingston office was as a result of his challenge to leader of the PNCR Robert Corbin. The fire which broke out around 7 AM this morning started after a device was hurled underneath the building which also houses the Gamaliel Academy.

Only last week an incendiary device was also hurled at the home of former PPP parliamentarian and current party activist Philomena Sahoye Shury. It landed in the yard and caused minor damage.


  1. In his fight to stifle and drive fear in members of his party so that he can put himself to run for president he got few on his thugs friend to burn the building

  2. Heard that he and Van West had a hard talking and were they even square up to fight and some member part them......

  3. the pnc have turn there rain of terror on their own member for challenging the leader of the party

  4. with that way that the pnc is currently going who wont they attack for the leadership of this country.

  5. Corbin is a wicked power thirsty man... same thing his name was being rumored about him having a part in Winston Murray's sudden death... The things people do for power. Corbin isn't any way ready to lead this country; he has a lot of selfish attributes in which he must discard in light of the magnitude of decisions that are made by leaders of countries. I personally think he is going too far with this power crave…