Monday, January 31, 2011

Woman alleges years of abuse at the hands of Lincoln Lewis.

-Lewis paid to have her doused with acid

Lincoln Lewis

A woman (whom we shall not name since it created a stir when we released the CN Sharma documents), has recounted to us the harrowing tales of abuse she suffered for years at the hands of trade unionist, Lincoln Lewis. According to the 35 year old, the two were having a relationship over the past 5 years and at first Lewis seemed like a nice person until one day she paid a visit to her sister who lives in Belladrum on the West Coast of Berbice.
She claimed that when she returned home she was confronted by an intoxicated Lewis who cuffed and kicked her about her body whilst accusing her of infidelity.
She said for years it went on like that and became worse whenever he was intoxicated.
However, through the support and insistence of her family she finally managed to end the relationship but not before being threatened with physical harm by Lewis.

The woman who now lives at an undisclosed location said that she was forced to move from the home of a relative after she learnt from a very reliable source that Lewis had paid someone to douse her with a corrosive substance. She also received several threatening phone calls and was one time trailed by some strange men in a white car.
When asked if she had made police reports of these incidents she related that one time she did and was chased out of ********* police station by a senior police officer who is a close friend of Lewis.

Similar accusations throughout the years have been made against Lewis. A few years ago a popular TV news anchor migrated after experiencing the same at the hands of Lewis.

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  1. What a true miasmic mess sounding so much like it manufacture by Kwame Mc Coy and the PPP

    Lewis image is bigger than that and nothing you PPP hacks can do will tarnish his image.

    What a desperate joke