Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jagdeo challenges Corbin on elections claims

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo, who has repeatedly said that general elections, due this year, will be held, has challenged People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) leader, Robert Corbin, to produce proof of his allegations that there are plans to defer the elections.
Mr. Corbin last week claimed the President is trying to find a way to remain in office beyond his constitutional two-term mandate, and had sought three legal opinions on how this could be done.
The President yesterday challenged Corbin to prove that he had sought legal opinions by naming the three persons he allegedly asked for legal advice.
He said that Corbin will lose credibility if he does not back up his claim, by providing the names of the three legal experts.
President Jagdeo noted that he has time and again made it clear that he will not be running for a third term, and that his administration is abiding by the Constitution, which restricts a President to two consecutive terms in office.
He recalled that in his New Year’s address to the nation, he spoke about Guyana solidifying its democratic traditions and processes this year.
In his address, he said, “In this New Year, we can use the electoral process to demonstrate the primacy of the Guyanese people in deciding who should govern them. I am confident that, as was the case in 2006, we will ensure elections that meet international standards, and which will exemplify our maturity as a member of the democratic fold of nations.”
The President added: “As we consolidate our democracy, we must equally promote internal cohesion. Hate and prejudice should have no place in our body politic. Our people have lived well together and we have made greater strides under a democratic system.”


  1. This is exactly what they aimed for, making allegations months before the elections in order to mislead the public...

    Bombing, burning and murdering are some of the methods in which they use to carry through their mass destruction...

    How long will this continue and when would there be an end?

  2. Smh This is how the PNC works they mislead the public by making false statement but im glad that the president has ask him to provide proof of this....but i think by now the public is well aware of the PNC tactics to gain some recognition

  3. the pnc continue to make mislead the public and try scaring the people.just like that there has been a series of unfortunate event since the year has started and the pnc has started showing a face of concern for the people now that guyana is in its election year.

  4. Guyanese people have open there eyes and see that the pnc has not done anything for them when they were in power nor over the years that why many Guyanese has been supporting and continue to support the ppp.the pnc comes out to support the people now with there troubles to gain there support for this year election.

  5. the pnc are continuing with there old tradition of of trying to mislead the people and scare the indos people of guyana every election year.there need to be a stop to these malicious acts by the pnc.