Saturday, January 15, 2011

Office of the President condems Freddie Kissoon's attack on Dr Randy Persaud.

-Freddie Kissoon never published a single academic paper in all his years at the University of Guyana.

Freddie Shit-soon

The Office of the President (OP) has categorically condemned the publication of an article titled, ‘The man who disappeared in 2010’ by Frederick Kissoon in Kaieteur News on January 13, 2011. According to a statement from OP, the article is riddled with outrageous inaccuracies and outright falsifications, and can serve no other purpose other than to injure the good reputation of Dr. Randy Persaud.

The following vicious falsifications by Kissoon in the said article have been established:– Dr. Persaud did not live on the West Coast of Demerara as stated in the article; he did not leave Guyana forty years ago, he did not have an argument with Errol Arthur, he was never robbed of personal property at his home. The statement by Kissoon that “thieves carted away all his stuff and those of his family” has absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever. No such incident ever occurred.

OP said the article must be read as a cheap political ploy intended to damage the public standing of Dr. Persaud who has been attached to the Political Affairs Division of the Office of the President.

“The Office of the President notes with dismay the fact that a major newspaper will allow its pages to be used for the prosecution of a personal vendetta and calls on the editors and the publisher of Kaieteur News to take immediate action on this matter,” the statement said.

The Office of the President also acknowledges that Dr. Persaud has made an invaluable contribution to Guyana through his services at OP, and elsewhere in the country. While here, he gave several public lectures, including one at the University of Guyana, and to date has donated more than $1,000,000 in books to the University of Guyana.

Dr. Persaud came to Guyana through a leave of absence from his university and returned to the United States as scheduled.

Dr. Persaud is a tenured faculty member in the United States. He holds a Ph.D in political science and is an established scholar in the field of international relations. Dr. Persaud’s previous appointments include Assistant Director of the Center for International and Security Studies; Interim Director – Council of the Americas; Director of Comparative and Regional Studies; Consultant to TransAfrica Forum, Program Chair of International Political Economy of the International Studies Association; Finance Committee of the International Studies Association; Consultant to the US State Department; Consultant to the United Nations University; and Consultant with the Council on Foreign Relations (US).

Persaud has published extensively in academic outlets and has given papers and lectures in twenty one countries. The records will show that Freddie Kissoon never published a single academic paper in all his years at the University of Guyana.


  1. KN is a good example of what the publishing media aught NOT to be… They have no sort of journalistic ethics and values in which their daily News paper entails…. On the other hand, I have never seen an Academic Paper from Freddie indeed come to think of it. He has been writing to fury all these years about Government officials and other Prominent persons in society that have made and are continuing to make invaluable contributions to this country (unlike him) but never an Academic Paper. Serving as a University Lecture for the amount of years Freddie kicking up there, one would expect to see some sort of "educational piece" from him. Dr Randy Persaud has done more than Freddie could ever dream of, with far more academic accomplishments and it is frankly disrespectful of Freddie to even insinuate such claims…

  2. this is expected and is no surprise coming from an article that Freddie every articles that is written by Freddie kisson or publish by the KN News paper and is directed to or attacking the government will have inaccuracies and falsifications in it.

  3. Freddie and the KN news continue with there old ways to publish misleading and false information attacking the government and people that support the ruling government in there daily news paper.