Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pensioners denounce Sheila Holder's proposal to remove 17,000 pensioners from register.

Euclin Josiah

I think that it shameless and unconscionable for anyone to deny me my pension. Mrs Holder and her party needs to seriously rethink their position as any such more will affect the livelihood of thousands, myself included. Politics shouldn't be played by the AFC using the well being of the populace.

Indrawattie Seopaul

Holder and her party are trying their best to undo all the hard work done by the Government and PPP/C to make the lives of us, the citizens, better.

Clifton Davis

The AFC must be going berserk. Holder has got to be loosing it. How will i eek out an existence if my pension, being my only income, is removed? Could Sheila Holder answer that for me? How can Holder make such a claim without evidence?


  1. The member of the AFC want to take bread out of these people mouth that the PPP work hard to help make them satisfied.

  2. The AFC members prefer to see Guyanese suffering than to let the people receive this money that help them out in ways that it can.

  3. Sheila is a wicked woman to even come up with such an idea, especially with no solid evidence to back her claims... If this is the general approach by the AFC with crucial matters in the country, tell me why should they be leading this country t any point…for our older generations to suffer? I for one cherish my grandmother and wouldn't want to know all her little benefits through pension for her years of service when she was able bodied just stop because of a stupid investigation by Sheila that has no solid grounds... Nonsense!