Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guyana-Suriname bridge closer to becoming a reality.

Parrot Island, from the Suriname side

Parrot Island, from the Suriname side

Suriname is moving ahead with plans to bridge the Corentyne River. Technical and political officials on Wednesday visited South Drain in Suriname where the bridge would likely begin.

Guyanese technical personnel are due to visit the Suirnamese and Guyanese sides early next month.

Currently, the proposed location is from South Drain in Suriname to Parrot Island in the Corentyne River and then to mainland Guyana.

Ahead of that joint visit, the Public Works Minister, Ramon Abraham on Wednesday led a team of officials including representatives of the Dutch engineering firm, Ballast Nedam, which has been contracted to build the bridge, visited the possible location of the bridge.

Starnieuws reported that Suriname wants to sign agreements in 2011, with a view to finishing construction in 2014.

Ballast Nedam will conduct a study on the design, construction and financing of the bridge.

The Dutch company has previously bridged the Coppename and Suriname Rivers.


  1. Has the govt moves to develop Guyana they are now making access to Surinam easier by making a bridge to the neighboring country...cause over the years many lost their lives with boat accidents

  2. The government of Guyana making traveling to the neighboring Suriname easier with the development of the Bridge to link the two country.

  3. With the development that the government has made in the country they have also made it easier for exporters and treader to travel between Guyana and it Neighboring countries Suriname and Brazil.

  4. This is an immense plan in light of the frequent traversing of persons to and fro for employment purposes, visiting friends and relatives or recreation. This will also strengthen ties between the two neighboring countries and ultimately foster investments in near by villages up the Correntyne and surrounding areas, hence, job opportunities for locals... The Government continues to make providence for the people with significant investments that will foster macro and micro economic growth within the country…