Sunday, January 9, 2011

PNC thugs throw channa bomb at former PPP parliamentarian house.

Police officials rushed to the home of former PPP parliamentarian
Philomena Sahoye-Shury Friday night after a channa bomb was hurled at the veteran politician’s Canje and Sheriff Street residence. The device was reportedly thrown around 22:00 hrs.
Investigations indicate that the would-be arsonists had intended to hurl the device into the verandah.
However, the ‘channa-bomb’ fell short and shattered in the yard.


  1. these are attempt made by the opposition to scare the members of the ppp political members and former members as well in order to bring fright in them and since this is the election year.

  2. the evidence that the main opposition pnc still practice and continue the work of the x13 plan.

  3. This is just typical,elections coming just as last elections the oppositions chooses to reak havoc rather than have a free and fair elections.

  4. Are the previous attempts to destabilize the government part of the P.N.C x-13 Plan used in the 1960's? Is congress place acting up once again? These are excerpts of that infamous plan
    To established training camps all over the Country and its functions were:-

    "To collect all types of information.
    To screen Party executives, employees and activists.
    To organise gangs to commit sabotage in time of tension and blame the P.Y.O. (Progressive Youth Organization).
    To protect People's National Congress executives and other party personalities.
    To train their members in the use of arms with the main emphasis being on shot guns, pistols,GRENADES and rifles which would be most needed in the event of disrupting a national election.

  5. I tell you what! PNC full of a set of criminals... elections in the air so they on a spree man... But wait just now jail not going to get space to house they backside....because one by one they going get brought to justice!

  6. Well election is round the corner and the PNC are in full swing with their normal operation to drive fear into the citizen of this country

  7. The PNC start their terror campaign cause election is just around the corner