Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pot telling kettle he battam black

Volda Lawrence

Of all the people in this country, Volda Lawrence should be the last to pass judgement on any one's character given her unbecoming behaviour in parliament and during previous protest activities by the PNC.
Lawrence seems to have forgotten that it was her despicable, distasteful and dishonourable behaviour that saw protesters converging on her place of employment (American University) after she had a fall out with a female over her husband.


  1. Does the people of the opposition have a conscience? I always wonder this due to the things I hear them say in light of their nature… It's the ones at fault that always and usually like to point fingers... The thing about it is that whilst one is at the person, four points back at them. The opposition never ceases to amaze at the level of ignorance they put out everyday whether in speech or writing... It just goes to show they have no clue to which they rant about... It’s all fancy words with no meaning…

  2. The main opposition leader and party member are always pointing and accusing the government of wrong doing when in the long run they are the ones that preach to the people to be destructive and encourage them to be involve in there criminal gang of activities.