Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stabroek news role in political opposition!

Stabroek news is becoming more open about its allegiance to the anti-government network of oppositionists.

Increasingly the newspaper's editors are slanting articles to favour the opposition campaign on several issues in an attempt to give the impression that everything in Guyana is about doom and gloom.

The most recent glaring example on Stabroek news' partnership with the anti-government network is the free release on its website of the article, titled, ' Jagdeo leaves tattered legacy'. It is no secret that anyone that needs to read the Stabroek news articles online are required to pay.
Surprisingly, this is listed amongst the items that can be accessed for free even though its a major news story on the Stabroek News website.



  1. Look like Stabroek news ..... is all for afc .....

  2. The stabroek news effort to support the AFC by printing misleading articles will be just as effortless as the meeting the the party members had recently at bath settlement.

  3. It just show how these anti-govt network is in full swing by trying to show like if Guyana is in bad shape....all the time you have to pay to read the SN site now to with their misleading story it free for everyone to be carried away with the no idea who are living out of Guyana

  4. Since the start of the new year in order to view the online stabroek news site you have to pay a fee and for the first time today there is only one article open to the viewers

  5. It's true about having to pay in order to access articles on the website, as the other day I was attempting to read an article about something AFC did and couldn’t get past the first 3 lines... Any way as it relates to them backing AFC is no mist in the air, everyone with a sense of humor can see that and in their backing twists and turn every speech and strategy by the Government in an attempt to tarnish the Government's image…