Friday, January 7, 2011

Dump site in better shape since Gov't intervention.

In their continued bid to ensure that operations at the Mandela Landfill Site continue to progress without setbacks, Minister of Public Works and Communication Robeson Benn and Minister of Local Government Kellawan Lall, along with several officers from the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), yesterday paid a visit to the site to assess conditions there.

Ministers Kellawan Lall and Robeson Benn at the Mandela Landfill Site early yesterday.

After inspecting the area, Minister Lall explained that he is fairly satisfied with the progress made since the intervention by Central Government.
He said, “It has been about two weeks since we started operations here to assist the City Council and we are fairly satisfied with what is going on.”
According to Lall, the site is presently in a better condition as it is better organised and the stench emanating from the accumulation of garbage has been reduced.
The Minister, however, pointed out that greater improvement is needed in relation to the daily management of the entire site.
“Right now the water is rising in the canals and we need to check the flow of the water,” he explained.

Minister of Local Government, Kellawan Lall (left) and Minister of Public Works and Communication Robeson Benn inspect the current operations at the Mandela Landfill Site

Continuing, he said that works will continue at the Mandela site until Haags Bosch is operational by the end of this month.
As for the readiness of this new site, Lall said work has been progressing slowly due to the rainy weather which is hampering the movement of heavy equipment needed to prepare the area.
He stated, “The work is a bit slow because of the rainy weather.”
“But the reports that I am getting from the Implementation Unit is that everything is on stream.”
Meanwhile, Minister Benn emphasised that he continues to monitor the progress of operations at the Mnadela site to guarantee that it is conducted in an efficient manner.
He indicated that the access ramp, which was encroaching on the entrance of the site, has been now been pushed back by equipment provided for that purpose.
“We have tidied up the drains and brought in lights along the road leading into the area,” Benn revealed, as he highlighted other improvements to the site.

Ongoing works at the Mandela Landfill Site aided by the interventions of Central Government

He expressed concern over vandalism of the lights and pointed out that this is the third time that street lights have been installed along Vlissengen Road.

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