Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AFC Executives dodge parliamentary heat

The AFC senior parliamentarians, Khemraj Ramjattan, Raphael Trotman and David Patterson left the heat to their junior parliamentarian Latchmin Punilall as Minister Priya Manickchand exposed AFC mischief in their ''fictitious'' study on old age pensioners. The AFC is proposing the removal of 17, 000 old age pensioners from the national register on the basis of that party's outrageous mathematical concoction aimed at scoring political mileage.

Minutes before Minister Manickchand rise to debunked AFC Sheila Holder's liberally misguided presentation, Mrs Holder, Trotman and Ramjattan escaped through the walls of parliament.

The AFC senior parliamentarians mysteriously appeared late last night by which time the heat dissipated.


  1. After making statement with no evidence she has left her fellow member to face the just show that these people who wanted to run Guyana well just left us in to face problem on our own

  2. Point blank, The AFC is no way no day ready for leadership of this country... If simple Parliament they can't handle, what about the pressures of maintaining a country and its resources with critics and opposing forces at their necks? Sheila should take some lessons on how to go about doing research and surveys…