Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public Assistance, Old Age Pension increased.

The 2011 budget contains increases that will benefit approximately 50,000 people on Public Assistance or receiving Old Age pensions.
Yesterday, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, announced the increases in his 2011 budget speech in the National Assembly.
The more than 9,000 persons currently receiving Public Assistance at a rate of $4,900 per month, can now expect that amount to increase to $5,500 per month effective February 1, 2011. The Public Assistance programme targets cases of temporarily incapacitated individuals.
According to Minister Singh, a critical factor for the “reduction in the level of the vulnerability of the disadvantaged, is the establishment of mechanisms geared to support the provision of employment opportunities such as the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency launched in November 2010, an online vacancy registration service, which allows for automated registration and employment matching. This year will see the continuation of both programmes.”
In continued efforts by the state to assist the homeless, the Minister noted that “the construction of the 300-bed residential centre for rehabilitation and reintegration at Onverwagt has commenced and is expected to be completed later this year while the Night Shelter has extended its capacity by 60 persons to now cater for 250 persons providing them with meals, medical assistance and more importantly accommodation on a 24-hour basis.”
Meanwhile, the Old Age Pension programme which assists some 42,000 senior citizens will see an added increase in the monthly amounts released there as well. The Minister announced that the seniors can expect to get $7,500 a month as of February 1, 2011. This is a 14 per cent increase over the current sum of $6,600. Water payments are also subsidised for those pensioners who qualify giving the elderly some measure of independence and the ability to take care of themselves.
And for those seniors who are unable to do so for whatever reason the state has taken their wellbeing into consideration as well. Rehabilitation works are currently being undertaken on the Palms Geriatric Institution. Part of the completed work is a recreation facility which is now operational. The facility features a reading room, exercise room and canteen services.
The Minister said, “In 2011, efforts will be placed on providing more opportunities for improving the physical and social well being of our elderly in social services and health care in addition to the continued financial support in the form of old age pensions and water payment subsidies.”


  1. these are all great steps taken by the government to create betterment for the elderly in guyana.

  2. The 42,000 Old Age Pensioners collecting additionally GUY$7,500 is indeed a positive for the elderly folks of Guyana in catering to their needs and increasing their spending powers. In an attempt to summaries the budget for 2011, it is one that poses a significant number of benefits for the susceptible in the society, the elderly, and the working folks while contributing to growth of our private sector.

  3. the budget have made elderly citizen and pensioner very happy with the new increase that they will receive and the works that they will be conducting on the palm to make the elder comfortable.