Monday, January 31, 2011

Haags Bosch landfill to be opened tomorrow

The access road to the Haags Bosch landfill

Solid waste in the city, the disposal of which has posed several challenges, will be accepted at the new landfill sanitary facility at Haags Bosch, East Bank Demerara, from tomorrow, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development said at the weekend. This will greatly enhance the city’s ability to cope with solid waste management and bring much needed relief to residents.
No disposal will be done at the Mandela dumpsite, Le Repentir from tomorrow, as this will be completely closed in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.
The ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Nigel Dharamlall, told the media that stern action will be taken against persons found dumping garbage at the Mandela site.
All drivers of vehicles transporting garbage to this new site are asked to do so in such a manner as to avoid littering the streets along the route, the ministry advised.
Access to the facility is through the new access road leading to the site which is at the boundary between Eccles and Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara.


  1. The relief that the residents that of the areas that's surround the Mandela dump site is finally here.The residents can now look forward to now more smoke affecting them from wild fire from the dump site and the unbearable stench.

  2. The Government once again with another successful project.The Garden city will be returned to its true state now that the newly enhanced dump site have been completed.

  3. The closer of the Mandela dump site will be today as this is the last day that garbage will be dump there and the rehabilitation of the LaRepantaire cemetery will soon start

  4. With the opening of this new landfill site with will bring a easy to residents around the Mandela dump site and a fresh start to a new and safer dumping facility

  5. Well with the effort to bring relief to the residents who live around the dump site they have worked over time to get this new one up and ready for the time that they say they will......

  6. I must commend the Government for this timely and crucial intervention with the new dump site... It is a great break through and the beginning of brighter days for the residents in the surrounding areas of the Mandela dump site that are affected with the stench smell of the garbage... Progress is a continuous process with the PPP/C