Friday, January 14, 2011

‘One Laptop Per Family’ (OLPF) programme to be launched soon.

Guyana is fast advancing its plans to bridge the digital divide (the gap which exists between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access) with the soon to be launched ‘One Laptop Per Family’ (OLPF) programme. THE programme aims to commit families to benefit from the development offered through the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in terms of enhancing skills and gaining access to digital information that would aid in their development.
Senior Project Manager of the OLPF programme, Sash Sukhdeo, emphasised the importance of ICT in promoting awareness about information at a workshop at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, where participants made contributions and recommendations towards enhancing the programme.
According to Sukhdeo, part of the strategy of the OLPF aims to encourage groups to become involved in the programme and explore ways in which support could be given to various communities through ICT and the OLPF.
Sukhdeo said that part of bridging the digital divide is also to ensure that the programme impacts on people’s lives. He added that one of the major ways of achieving this is through health and social welfare development.
Sukhdeo said that since many of the Ministries are highly active at the community level, this provides a channel through which individuals in those communities can be reached.
“A laptop is useless if it is just a laptop. It has to have something to help people learn and develop, he said.

The project manager stated that for people to benefit from the programme, training will be provided and facilitated through the installation of appropriate software and with the involvement of the various ministries and community groups.
One of the advantages for the programme, Sukhdeo said, is that information can be shared through internet access.
Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that the OLPF programme is now a reality as the process of deciding on the features and distribution to families is ongoing.
He said that if the laptop was simply handed over to the families, its purpose would be defeated, since they would not be able to make proper use of the information technology without training.
Government’s intention in designing the OLPF programme is to ensure that ordinary Guyanese could have access to information and to destroy the myth that ordinary people are unable to use a computer and engage in activities that are useful at the family level.


  1. this is a good initiative that the govt is provided laptop for family so that some of the families in Guyana could get access to the internet world........

  2. Has the govt continue to make the lives of the Guyanese people they are now providing laptop for family which will help those that are areas that don't have internet cafes.....

  3. this programme will help the young people of these homes to have complete access to the internet and allow them to browse the internet to do there home work assignment and S.B.A.

  4. this will allow the family to be up to date with what is going on in the country and in the world by just gaining access to the internet with these laptop that the will receive from the government one laptop per family programme.

  5. The OLPF is indeed a great attempt by the Government of Guyana in their efforts of combating a number of social issues in society such as literacy and awareness of current affairs amongst the people. This initiative therefore, would directly put the "ordinary man or woman or child" in a position of being cognizant of what is going on in their country and around the world at large and equally the Government's interest in their social upgrading and well being.

  6. the government with it OLPF is there way of not only helping many families to have access to the internet world but also meeting the interest of today's young people.