Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christopher Ram's relationship with the PNCR continues to bolster

-tipped to become next shadow Finance Minister

Have you noticed how similar Christopher Ram and the PNCR's criticisms of the 2011 Budget are?
Winston Murray's untimely death has allowed Ram to become the PNC's point man on economics. This ties in with consultancy work Ram did in 2001 for the PNC's election manifesto.
Ram is also tipped to become the party's shadow finance minister, however, there are strong objections from within the party hierarchy


  1. for whatvere ram may be he is qualified and that is better than the scum the pnc has to offer

  2. But watch how all them criminals joining forces in their dying efforts to win the upcoming elections. It's about time the PNC call it quits because all they doing is wasting time and ink… Guyanese are serious about their futures and all the PNC doing is taking everything for a joke…

  3. yeah but at least the guy is financially competent....this is a step up for those guys. i mean lets be real ram was smart enough to turn down their presidential nomination because im sure he understood it wasnt a winnable position.....i wish him luck and hopefully him and asni can meet and discuss whatever differences they have

  4. Guyanese are looking forward to a prosperous future and the future of the country have to do with a good leader who can lead and dictate to the people,not a party that cant even stand up for themselves and solves simple problems nor even address to the nation what they want to hear.

  5. Christopher Ram and the PNC will only sink guyana with there criminal gangs and fraud.