Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Government website hacked again.

GINA's website currently bears this image

The Government Information Agency (GINA) says that efforts have once again been made by unknown individuals to hack its website.

“The latest attempt was noticed today when material which did not emanate from GINA was reportedly received by some individuals via e-mail.

“Over the past few months many attempts have been made to hack the website. On one occasion, these attacks led to the website being inaccessible”, GINA said.

GINA says it views the efforts by the hackers as mischievous with intentions to bring the agency into disrepute.

“GINA will continue to make every effort to improve the security of the site and has lodged a formal complaint with the Commissioner of Police”, the release said.

In June last year the World’s leading Internet search engine and web data giant, Google, issued a security advisory urging Internet users not to access the Stabroek News website at

The company launched an investigation into the operations of Stabroek News after receiving complaints from a U.S Internet Spyware watchdog and dozens of users in the United States alleging that Stabroek News installed spyware and malicious software onto the computers of visitors to their website.
As a result, Google conducted an automatic security investigation and malicious software test of Stabroek News’ website and allegedly found that it was indeed installing malicious content on visitors’ computers.


  1. this is the work of malicious people and once again trying to stain and tarnish the name of the government information network.

  2. serious action need to be taken to catch these hackers and let them face serious charges for these acts.

  3. At a time when election is close there are people who go the length and the breathe to paint a bad picture on the govt so they are hacking the system to do such.........

  4. The things that people would do to get a chance to give the govt a bad name

  5. This is indeed a malicious act with the aim of trying to make the government look bad in the global arena and locally. The persons behind this is no doubt of the opposition and will not stop there, they will continue to find ways in a “losing” effort to tarnish the government's image in light of this year's upcoming elections. What a low blow! smh!