Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wishes for 2011

Brian Azore: 2011 is upon us and like so many who envision a bright future ahead, I would like to share some of my hopes for the New Year.
For several months the main media outlets have intensified their campaign against the government, wanting to make it appear corrupt, condoning murder, and practicing marginalisation.
Therefore, my first wish is for the media to behave in a more respectable and responsible manner, since they have a duty to tell the truth; not the half truths and lies that we are now witnessing on a daily basis emanating mainly from Kaieteur news and the other opposition media outlets.
Our country unfortunately has been plagued by racism as instituted by the white colonialists to serve their selfish ends and it seems this has affected the psyche of some of our ‘want-to-be’ politicians.
This perceived sense of marginalisation that exists in the minds of these people was anything but the reality. The fact is, like our former colonial masters, they too want to achieve a selfish end: political power by any means possible, hence, they incite ethnic strife in the society.
Therefore, my second wish is for ‘want-to-be’ pseudo politicians to stop prancing around like puppets and start making a meaningful contribution to the society. Work with the government to build a better Guyana for all.
I don’t expect them to agree with everything the government does but at the same time I don’t expect them to castigate the government for everything it does whether it is enhancing social programmes, improving infrastructural capacity etc.
My third and final wish will take on a more holistic dimension, as we approach the 2011 elections we need to assess where we were prior to 1992 and where we are today 2010. The improvements in all facets of life are there for all to see. Many were not around when joining long lines to purchase bread was the order of the day. Long gone are those days. The media is free; we have a participatory democracy; improved healthcare; modern infrastructure; enhanced human capacity and our economy is moving. What does this mean? We need to consolidate our gains and ensure that it is safeguarded not only for us but for future generations. We need to focus on the bigger picture of what is best for our country in a collaborative and forward-thinking manner. We need to share the great news of what our country has to offer for tourism. Indeed, tourism, the arts and our heritage, and the economic ripple they can generate, have been touted as one of the key ‘building blocks’ for our economic future.
Our country has not escaped one of the more challenging global economic downturns in decades.
We are fortunate to have a financial system that insulated us from feeling the brunt of the effects of the economic crisis.
We need to acknowledge the sound and prudent management of the economy by this government, where public servants received increases, while millions are jobless in the so called developed world and have to join the soup kitchen lines (just look to America),and for having an investor friendly climate where literally millions have been invested in this country.
Further, our infrastructural development continues at an unprecedented pace, the Takutu Bridge has been completed; the Lethem Road is on the Horizon and many other major projects that can only serve to propel Guyana forward. Our Housing programme is unlike anything witnessed in this hemisphere.
When thousands are being made homeless in North America as a result of greed, thousands are becoming home owners in Guyana for the first time. Everyone, especially the poor and middle income earners have benefitted from the PPP’s Housing development plan.

So as we look towards 2011, we must ensure that we continue the same trend and put the X next to the CUP!


  1. Indeed im looking forward for 2011 and the govt taking us forward with all the other project that will develop Guyana more and i want to see that the media house esp.KN show the real facts of what is going on in this country...

  2. I must agree with your wishes cause we has Guyanese want the best for this country and there are people out there like KN who tries to tarnish the reputation of this country and the govt