Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Those 'white elephants'.................

Providence Stadium is packed to capacity during the Kashif & Shanghai football finals

Vehicles traverse the Berbice bridge daily

Weren't these supposed to be two "white elephants"? When the government decided to construct a stadium to host Guyana's allocation of matches for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007 the self appointed experts and critics went on a rampage. According to these folks such an investment was unnecessary. But time has proven them wrong! As both the Providence Stadium and Berbice River Bridge has proven to be worthwhile investments ..........just ask the PEOPLE.


  1. Well for the Berbice Bridge people find it more faster and easier to travel to the county and since the stadium has been built it has being functional esp.wit the Kashif and shanghai tournament and other events

  2. the Berbice bridge has been making it more easy and convenient for the people of Berbice to traverse between west coast Berbice and new Amsterdam instead of waiting long for the boat which delay the time for business,and as for the stadium it has been full of activities year round.