Monday, January 17, 2011

Corbin picks loyalist to replace Murray in Parliament

Joan Baveghems

The fact that Corbin chose, Joan Baveghems , a protester with very little academic qualifications (if any at all) to replace Winston Murray is testimony to the fact that a lot is wrong in terms of support the PNC is receiving. All Baveghems has to offer Parliament is her years of service in the area of protesting. However, Baveghems is a staunch supporter of Corbin and his preferred Presidential candidate, Basil Williams.


  1. Corbin never ceases to amaze me. How could one effectively and efficiently run a country with unqualified people as representatives and contributors of crucial decision making for the country? This just goes to his unconcern and non interest in the betterment of the citizens of Guyana both economically and socially, also him taking things that are to be of seriousness as a joke.
    With her addition to the Parliament, we should expect the birth of a new breed of Minister; Minister of Protest... Hehehe!!

  2. Just imagine a protester in now a MP. this is a clear indication that hooliganism is still alive and well within that political gathering the P..N.C

  3. this is just a sure sign that they are not too many people who are qualified and component enough to lead a country supporting the PNC,so they is how the pick there new members ,the people that strong protest and support them.

  4. what can she offer to the people of this country beside to protest and corrupt the minds of guyanese.

  5. Stunts like these by the PNC only leave me to ponder what the hell they could and would do for this country in terms of proper decision making... Based on the premise taking into consideration for the installation of this woman as a MP only leaves to wonder what’s next. These people are continuously showcasing their unfitness for leadership of this country by their constant acts of folly on matters of seriousness.