Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Same old rhetoric from PNCR Presidential nominees

Thomas Cole: I attended a meeting organised by the PNCR at the Skeldon High School on Sunday January 16 and was surprised to see that only a few dozen people came out to hear what the party’s five presidential hopefuls had to say. With national elections just months away, and this being the main opposition party, this is definitely not encouraging.

Also disappointing was the fact that no innovative plan was put forward by any of the candidates to move Guyana further up the road of development. In addressing this issue, the response from the five was basically the same old rhetoric about job creation and inclusiveness, without mapping out how this can actually be achieved.

If the PNCR is to improve its performance at the upcoming elections, vision and innovativeness are needed in their approach to mapping out a national development plan. Sadly, from all indications, this seems to be unattainable. Same old story.


  1. the PNC have no plans for the future no one that is qualified enough to run this country.the young people are the future of guyana,now they need to address how the will make the future better for them how can the show the young people that they have there best interest at heart.

  2. It cannot be denied even on to this point that the PNC lacks vision ... As I read the claims and intentions by the PNC it had me cracking up at the level of nonsense these people put out to the public... It is easier said than done and despite of how well they try to "convince" the residence of Corriverton, the question of them being able to implement these supposed “plans” is dew in the night’s sky... These people operate as if it's a game they are in and show no sort of professionalism which is an important element if one is to be successful at the upcoming elections. Instead of delivering cheap words and poor promises, the PNC needs to sort out inside issues of the party and also revise their kinder garden strategies…

  3. i can rightly recall, that i lived the whole 28 yrs of pnc govt. knowing all they have to offer guyanese,was destroying the transportation system,agriculture,bauxite,water system,infrastructure to name a few.
    what the PNC should respectfully do, is to learn from the development in the past 18 yrs,instead of bickering.