Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kissoon a dunce who's yet to publish an academic paper-Errol Arthur

Errol Arthur: My first response to Frederick Kissoon’s column, “The Man Who Disappeared in 2010”, was to dismiss it with the contempt that it deserves.
This is especially so since his piece was no more than a vacuous, scurrilous personal attack on those whom Kissoon disapproves. It is a disgrace to the institutions of academia and the media both of which Kissoon claims membership to. It should have no place in a reputable newspaper. However, to ignore it might give your readers reason to believe that there was some measure of truth to what he wrote. Dr. Persaud can deal with the lies told about him in whatever way he deems fit.
For my own part let me state categorically that Kissoon’s statement that there was a “huge quarrel” between Dr. Persaud and me is an outright lie.
It is also not true that Dr. Persaud “remonstrated” with me, telling me that it was foolish of me to mention that he was teaching at the American University in Washington DC.
Why it would be foolish to do so when Dr. Persaud’s teaching position at the American University is public knowledge only Kissoon can explain.
Kissoon also refers to the academic conference that was held at the Public Library last year in which both he and Dr. Persaud participated. When asked what was academic about the one page paper he presented he responded that it was merely a summary of a paper that he had prepared.
It has been nearly a year since the conference was held. Could the eminent academic state when the paper will be published?

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  1. Freddie Kissoon is a deranged individual who suffers from the fact of persons doing "good works" in which cannot be said for him. He is a lazy Lecturer and it is said that students at the University of Guyana never fails his class, some with the admittance that they didn't know a thing on the exam paper... hmmm... What can one grasp from such? It either says that Freddie himself does not know what the answers to the set questions are or that he wants a good record to show all his students pass his course which would leave persons to incur that he is doing a good job... yeah right! Concerning the academic paper mentioned in the above article, Freddie don't have an academic mind to put out academic papers... instead, put him to criticize a good initiative or accomplishment by the Government he could do that in a wink...