Monday, January 31, 2011

Raphael Trotman's two card trick.

It has always been apparent that in refusing to be the AFC's 2011 Prime Ministerial candidate Raphael Trotman decided that he will not share the blame for the party's poor showing come August.

However, we have learnt that Trotman based his decision on an analysis done by several of his underlings which indicated that the AFC will attract less votes in 2011 over the dissatisfaction with the Ramjattan candidacy.
A survey of AFC supporters found that Ramjattan is the least favoured but Trotman had not other choice but to allow the Ramjattan candidacy owing to the rotation principle and fears that it may be used to highlight his poor treatment of Indos in the party hierarchy


  1. Fingers pointing for the poor showing of the party and the fighting are still problem within the AFC party.

  2. The next step will be that Raphael go his own direction and Ramjattan go his way then the fight will be about who get to keep the name AFC.

  3. HMMM!! i think this is a clear indication that the AFC is in a collapse stage and no one wants to take the blame for whatever happens to the party....

  4. The AFC will always have conflicts and back biting amongst its members because of the weak principles and poor values upon which the Party was constructed or built upon. Of course no one will want to take the blame for the mess of a Party it is today and has always been, so the usual pointing of fingers will prevail. The AFC is a ticking time bomb and will self destruct in a matter of time…