Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sheila Holder's indecent proposal rejected by PPP Parliamentarians

-proposes the removal of 17000 pensioners from pensioners register

Sheila Holder

AFC MP Sheila Holder tonight during the 2011 Budget debate proposed that the names of 17000 old age pensioners be removed from the pensioners register since according to her these persons were either deceased or non-existent. When challenged by the speaker and PPP MPs to produce evidence Holder was unable to do so. She had earlier based her suggestion on the findings of a so-called survey done by her. Holder was forced to apologise for what was termed her "indecent proposal" by other members of the house. And up to this point was unable to supply other MPs with evidence of her survey/investigation.


  1. This is what she would have done if she was in the ruling party these people have no interest into the lives of the people of this country....and look she couldn't even produce evidence that these people are dead etc..

  2. This is to show that these people dont have no evidence of nothing that they bring out to the media but just by their assumptions this is how they well run this country by assuming

  3. Like the PNC, within the AFC not one thing is taken seriously as it relates to the betterment and sustenance of the Guyanese people. They are the first to object to well thought and researched strategies by the Government but always seem to have no evidence or backings for their objections and foolish ranting... Sheila must be looking for money to buy another big jeep...