Friday, January 7, 2011

Benschop and Kissoon seeking to create divisions within the Guyana Police Force.

Benschop during his charade

Mark Benschop's wicked and deceitful ways has once again been exposed, this time by members of the Guyana Police Force.
Commander of ‘A’ Division Assistant Commissioner of Police, George Vyphuis, has said that a recent photograph’s caption and an accompanying article titled “Senior cop Vyphuis wants Jagdeo to stop directing the Police Force”, published on the website, is intended to besmirch his character.
The senior police officer was referring to a photograph which showed him in conversation with Benschop, purporting to give credit to the above mentioned caption story.
The article stated “Commander of ‘A’ Division of the Guyana Police Force, George Vyphus is said to be concerned over President Jagdeo’s control over the Force and especially his influence over Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene.”
The accompanying photo caption reads “Vyphus is saying sorry for arresting Mr. Benschop in the past. He is of the view that the PPP and Jagdeo have gotten out of hand, and need to be voted out of office.”
But in his written response, the Commander stated that he is compelled to dissociate himself and dissipate what he described as any sinister motive and written contents associated with the photograph, which he said was taken inadvertently and by chance.
According to Vyphuis, he was standing in the compound of the Brickdam Police Station along with three other officers discussing the programme for the Division’s annual Christmas luncheon, when Mark Benschop approached him.
He said that Benschop enquired about a matter in connection with a woman and her daughter, and a technician from Soesdyke.
“That was all I discussed (with Benschop),” Vyphuis wrote in his statement.
He said that the officers who were earlier standing with him moved away when they saw Benschop’s close associate, Kaieteur News columnist and UG lecturer, Freddie Kissoon taking the photograph.
The officer, he said, could attest to the contents of his conversation with Benschop.
“Further I wish to state categorically that I had no reason to apologize or express sorrow for any action taken by me in the past concerning the said individual.”
Vyphuis believes that Benschop is motivated by the recent action taken against him by the Force concerning his behaviour at the Le Repentir dump site and the impounding of his vehicle.

Benschop uses the website to spread lies and incite ethnic strife among Guyanese. Many state officials have been the target of vicious attacks on this site also.


  1. there needs to be a stop to freddie and mark for countless attempt to create separation between the government and the guyana police force and within the police force.

  2. Benschop needs to stop with all the fabrication that he spreads on his website.Now he take this photo and twist it in his own way its good that there is a response for the officer why Benschop don't do something more constructive than going about stirring up mischief

  3. Benschop and greasy Freddie on a spree!! These too are “Certified Liars”, and when in sight is NO Good News... They would wreck a country in a heartbeat... But you going to hear the shout when them same deeds catch up with them... you know what they say, "Moon a run till day ketch am"