Friday, January 28, 2011

The PNC failed the black community for 28 years and more-Harry Gill

Harry Gill: May I remind all Guyanese of African descent that prior to 1992, the PNC had been in power for 28 years and at one time, thanks to PNCR Presidential Candidate David Granger who, in his capacity as the Political Liaison Officer to President Forbes Burnham, the GDF secured a two-thirds majority in Parliament for the then ruling PNC. Why then did Corbin and other PNC stalwarts not persuade Burnham to appoint a National Commission to finally settle the issue of African Ancestral Lands, or did they believe that “the Party” would have been in power forever? The PNC’s failure to adequately serve the Black communities in Guyana is the main reason they are losing base-support; the truth hurts… doesn’t it Mr. Robinson?


  1. Guyanese of African decent suffer a great deal under the PNC leadership for 28 years when they should have achieve a great deal from the Main opposition when they were in power for that long period.

  2. Indeed the PNC is a let down to all the people who support it, especially its majority of supporters who are Afro Guyanese... The PNC is becoming more and more obsessed with power hence, in their greed and efforts to gain this engages in a host of filthy deeds. One by one they are losing their supporters that once believed in them. People are fed up of this "Jim Cock bring Ram Goat" behavior... people are serious about their futures!