Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stagnation, violence, corruption, arch-sectarianism, and unfettered crime is what Jagdeo and the PPP inherited.

The COHA article on Guyana, which is being given huge prominence by the Stabroek News purports to be an independent analysis of Bharrat Jagdeo's Presidency. But, relying on mendacious, disingenuous Opposition media reports, it gives an erroneous and inaccurate account of politically instigated crime and Guyana's development. On the basis of that failure its authors then offers tendentious moral-political judgments in line with the standard US State Department themes taken up constantly by the internally discredited opposition, namely corruption, democracy and good governance.

And it is shameful to say the least, that the opinion of COHA is given prominence and legitimacy by Stabroek News when others aren't.
Stabroek News is treading on dangerous footing by pandering to the PNC's baseless accusations and mudslinging.
Stagnation, violence, corruption, arch-sectarianism, and unfettered crime is what Jagdeo and the PPP inherited. The original authors of that mayhem are still plying their trade today. But in-spite of it, the PPP has recorded significant economic growth during the current world economic downturn when 95% of other countries of the world did not.


  1. The Stabroek news is trying to bring back the PNC from the dead.take a look around the city today he palm trees are dying out just like Guyana would should the PNC gain power of this country.

  2. The PPP/C has manage to transform Guyana from the gutter where the pnc put this country and turn Guyana into a progressive country with lots to offer the people of this country.

  3. It is only the Stabroek news that see and portray this image of the PNC.The President and the government has manage to make great achievement for Guyana with the constant communication with the people of this country.

  4. For one to truly comprehend and appreciate the work of the PPP Government, we must first recall the state of our country when the PPP attained office in 1992. The country was bankrupt and physical and social infrastructure was in a deplorable state. Majority if not all the streets were full of pot holes and the country were referred to as a “basket case”.
    The PNC regime was totally insensitive in that it didn’t show any apprehension about the troubles of the people which was evident in its financial spending. The PNC regime spent more money on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs than it did on health, education, housing and water and agriculture put together. However, instantaneously on taking office in 1992, the PPP/C administration turned things around. The PPP/C showed deep concern for our people and began implementing the manifesto promise of the party and with hard work, the country repaid a large part of its debt and managed to get debts written off from creditors; also the social sector was excelled and the one of the earliest actions was the removal of the “means test”, which deprived most of the senior citizens from accessing old age pensions. The removal of that contemptible system permitted all persons upon attaining pensionable age to receive a pension. Old age pensions have seen an improvement every year since the PPP/C took office. Also to mention the PPP/C tackled the housing question head-on. Commencing the time the party took office, this became a priority. Enthusiastic strokes were taken to provide land to low income and middle income citizens. The dream of working people owning their homes became a reality. Today, the housing sector is very advanced whereby thousands of house lots have been distributed and many new schemes have been and are being developed in every region of Guyana.