Friday, January 7, 2011

This country and its Government have a right to say who they want to represent them

-Greenidge is no exception

Manzoor Nadir: I have noticed that in the media and in your publication (Kaieteur News) that CARICOM has fired Mr. Carl Greenidge and at the insistence of the Government of Guyana.
Stabroek News and Kaieteur News carried letters from Mr. Christopher Ram, which states, “…sinister approach by Minister of Labour Manzoor Nadir to write the Secretary General of the CARICOM Secretariat with the veiled request that Greenidge be sacked?”
I am sure that my eyes and ears did not deceive me, as I have seen and heard that CARICOM did not sack, fire nor terminate the services of Mr. Greenidge. His contract came to an end.
Then Secretary General of CARICOM was quite clear earlier in December, when he said that there is no issue of terminating Greenidge’s contract. He said that Mr. Greenidge’s contract had until December 31.
The life of that contract has ended. The ending of the life of a contract and the firing of someone are two different things. If Mr. Greenidge was fired then his would have been terminated before December 31. Those who raise this matter are seeking cheap publicity.
On the issue of my letter to the CARICOM Secretary General, I said that, “The Government of Guyana places on record our total lack of confidence in Mr. Greenidge’s ability to represent it. We are urging you not to have Mr. Greenidge be involved in any negotiations that would impact on Guyana or in any negotiations on behalf of Guyana.”
This country and its Government have a right to say who they want to represent them, or who can and cannot represent them. I draw some parallels with our country’s stand on the EPAs and the Regional Negotiating Machinery. There we said that we had an issue on how our interests were represented. Changes were made.
Greenidge contends that Guyana has found itself in a nightmare. He should have, done the professional thing and resigned from representing the Government of Guyana.

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