Friday, January 28, 2011

PNCR misleads parliament in budget debate

PNCR is being sanctioned by the Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran for deliberately misleading parliament during yesterday's budget debate in which Aubrey Norton
claimed that the President sold his home before the required ten year ownership in accordance to the laws.

The PNCR is to respond to the Speaker given reasons why its member should not be disciplined for misleading the National Assembly. Norton has been sanctioned before by his party for similar indiscipline.

He has been relegated to back row of the seating arrangements on the PNCR side of the house along with Mervyn Williams who is the latest victim of Robert Corbin's revenge and victimization campaign against those who challenged his poor leadership of the party.


  1. Are these people for real? What are they still doing in those seats of the Parliament? They are timewasters and like in everything they do they show no form of responsibility and seriousness... They like the AFC, lacks vision and leadership, not to mention lack of management skills which are all key elements of vying for the Presidency… These people are beginning to strongly convince me that they need to be at the mental

  2. Its like the saying goes they only talk cause they have a mouth but they are always misleading people when they do then they are the ones who walk out when the real facts are being spoken......

  3. The AFC and PNC have the same mind of frame they both are misleading parliament with the Budget debates.This is there big crocked step to get votes for this year election.Thee two party will stop at nothing to win this year election.