Friday, January 7, 2011

IT specialist flown in to track hacker

Over the past few weeks, several government-run internet websites have been infiltrated by hackers, and despite efforts by the Police Force to track the perpetrators, the attacks continue.
The Government Information Agency (GINA) website is the latest victim, and this is the third such attack.
Persons currently visiting the website are greeted with an image of an eye along with a message, “Hacked by PhaNtom_clAn Gy.”
An Information Technology (IT) specialist has since been flown in and has commenced an attempt to track the source of the malicious content.
Whoever hacked the site is currently deleting information from the website as well as sending out jokes and threats to persons as well as making pranks.
On Wednesday, last, a malicious drawing portraying a well-known government critic was sent out from the site and the entity subsequently issued a statement saying that they were not responsible for it and that they had been hacked.


  1. i hope the it specialist will be able to track down these hackers and bring them to justice.

  2. It's good that they took such a strategic step in finding these low lives... I have hopes that the perpetrators will get caught real soon and be exposed for what the really are.... Disgraceful criminals! Post exposure should be to “jail deh rass”!!