Sunday, January 30, 2011

Local drug lords attend AFC 2011 campaign launch.

Reginald Rodrigues

Bramma brother greeting Cathy Hughes

Several prominent drug figures and AFC financiers were in attendance at the party's 2011 campaign launch held at the Ocean View Hotel yesterday. Among those were Reginald Rodrigues, famous after he was fingered when a large quantity of cocaine was discovered between a shipment of pepper-sauce and Shiv Nandalall, brother and front man of local drug lord Bramanand Nandalall. Both played huge roles financially in the AFC's 2006 elections campaign.

Despite the party's repeated denials the two were yesterday seen shaking hands and conversating with senior party members, including Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan.


  1. The AFC plans to bring in the DEA as soon as the get in office after the 2011 election.Firstly the AFC dont stand a chance of gaining the leadership of this country and aslo they will have to answer about there involvement with the drugs in the pepper sauce and there affiliation with drugs dealers Reginal Rodrigues and Bramanand Nandalall.

  2. The AFC will turn Guyana into the city of drugs and corruption with the affiliation that they have with these drugs dealer and there monetary support that the receive.

  3. This is no surprise that drug lord are attend their launch cause they are looking for security under this party.....the party is mainly funded by drug lords........

  4. AFC thirsty for power to fill their pockets and those of their criminal confederates... These people never cease to amaze me at the level of lawlessness they are meddling in repeatedly... These are CERTAINLY NOT the leaders we desire for our beautiful Guyana!