Friday, January 7, 2011

Vendors being prostituted by political whores at Congress Place.

It is simply amazing how quickly those that are now condemning the City Council's move to clear the Stabroek Market area of makeshift stalls have forgotten several things:

1. The transportation of a sold explosive device which detonated in one of these stalls resulted in the death of one man and injury to 19 others, 5 of whom are still hospitalized.

2. City Hall had commenced a similar exercise to rid the area of these very stalls in early 2010 which was halted to give vendors enough time to relocate to the area aback of the Fire Service that was provided to them.

3. Numerous criminal activities take place within this vicinity that includes the sale of firearms, harbouring of wanted and suspicious characters, selling of drugs, robberies etc.

4. The demolition of these stalls makes the flow of traffic more free and eases congestion on the road ways immediately in front of Demico House.

We don't expect the political whores at Congress Place nor Mark Benschop and Freddie Kissoon to give any consideration to all of the above as they are only interested in prostituting those vendors for what ever political gain may be had.


  1. Could it be a stratagem by opposition forces to inject fear into the society, as the nation prepares for general elections? Just wondering.... I have vivid recollection of the events of the early 1960s when similar events occurred. Some of the architects of that era are still parading around the town in suits, and with cigars in a "chauffa" driven car. Just wondering…….individuals responds to FEAR, despite their circumstances. Is that the work of the opossiton?……. Just wondering…...

  2. I like the term "political whores" used to refer to Freddie and company... These people are the most "duncifyah goats" around town! Simple things that just require a little common sense they can’t seem to reason out... But then again, they may be very well aware of the situation and risks at hand but chose out of selfishness and greed to put their heads up their asses and point fingers at the Government... These people are so ridiculous; it’s amazing that people actually listen to their ramblings...