Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PNCR should walk their way out of Guyana.

Empty PNCR benches

Corbin and the PNC should stop this laziness and make meaningful contributions to the budget debate currently taking place in parliament. Walking out prematurely will not hide the fact that so the far the party has come up short and apart from echoing Christopher Ram's outbursts we have seen nothing of substance from Corbin and his cabal of street protesters(ref. Joan Baveghems).

The thing that makes a mockery out of their actions is the fact that while they walk out of parliament they still return to have lunch.


  1. Hahaha! These people are too preposterous… It's the same thing that Corbin did the other day with the African observance launching activity with his "no show" because of repugnant personal sentiments... The PNC are time wasters and are only fit to bad talk the Government at their behest of ignorance... What is their point in running a race that is way past their league?

  2. The PNC has and cannot do anything for the people of Guyana and the leader of that party just keep walking away and out of important meeting and conference.This is his way of showing what he will do if given the chance to be president and Guyana needs his leadership.

  3. They should really listen to this statement and do just that cause they have no interest in this country cause when it comes to decisions making they always walking out of parliament then they comes with criticisms......