Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AFC's approval rating as low as 5%-NACTA Poll

The AFC's 2006 launch was marred by
the collapse of its platform

For a party predicting victory at the upcoming elections the Alliance for Change has little appeal amongst the potential voters and the Guyanese public. This discovery was made when a poll conducted in July by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) revealed the PPP (46%) is way ahead of the newly formed APNU (25%), AFC (5%), and other minor parties in terms of support.
The PPP’s presidential candidate, General Secretary Donald Ramotar, is more favoured over APNU’s David Granger who does not enjoy wide appeal among traditional PNC supporters, and AFC’s Khemraj Ramjattan who is struggling to hold on to the support the party won in 2006.

Liveinguyana is not surprised by the poll's findings as we had made similar predictions a while ago. Ramjattan, the AFC's 2011 Presidential candidate was involved in a tussle with Raphael Trotman, the party's 2006 candidate. Trotman was reluctant to adhere to the party's leadership rotation principle which would have allowed Ramjattan to become its Presidential candidate citing his lack of appeal amongst traditional AFC supporters. Trotman based his presumption on the fact that the AFC only attained 4 votes in Ramjattan's home village, which meant that many of Ramjattan's relatives did not vote for the AFC in 2006


  1. Well this is no surprise if they get 5% of the votes at the upcoming election cause the people of this country has seen which party has the interest of Guyana and their well being at heart and focus on improving their lives and the AFC is not the party.

  2. 5%...Well since this party come on the scene they has show no potential of giving guyanese a better life and with their in fighting for leadership is pushing away their support.So 5% is good enough of for them.