Monday, July 11, 2011

Plain Talk or Gays Talk?

Sundays "Plain Talk", hosted by RAMgoat featured an interesting set of panelists. With the exception of its host RAMgoat (who is a consummate womanizer and abuser) and Adam the other members had one thing in common; they're all Faggots. So it was no surprise that throughout the programme Gordon Moseley, with hands akimbo, kept bitching about not being allowed to enter the President's home or office. Dunno how much gayer can it get.........


  1. This must have been a real buse out or a talk down about the govt.I think it was gays

  2. This was definitely gay talks with the cast it had on it and they must bused up the govt esp.Gordon.

  3. How can Christopher Ram be a womanizer when the only woman he actually had sex with was Asmita Chand? Asmita Chand just wanted the money. Chris Ram is 65 and he aint got no shame to trouble people girl children. Just as CN Sharma. God should punish them with erectile dysfucntion.