Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Glen Lall using his newpaper and a PNC propagandist to attack Indo Guyanese businessmen?

Fip Motilall

First it was Fip Motiall of Synergy Holdings then Krishendat Sukhu of Digital Technology and now its US based realtor Ed Ahmad. Observers have posited that it seems that all these gentlemen have earned the ire of Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall, either through their success or a friendship that went sour and as such have become targets for relentless criticism, fabrications etc by the Kaieteur News whose Editor-in-chief happens to be former PNC propaganda hack, Adam Harris.

Krishendat Sukhu

Further members of the public are asking how come all of Lall's victims are of Indo Guyanese ancestry and they have tied this to the fact that those who know Lall have attested to his arrogance and the protraction of himself as a 'coolie bully', so to speak.
Such thoughts are given more credence when one examines the fact that Kaieteur News to date, has not devoted the same amount of energy and coverage to shady activities of businessmen belonging to the other ethnic groups.

Ed Ahmad

Does Lall and his news rag expect members of the public to believe that there are no contractors/businessmen belonging to the other ethnic groups whose dealings with the Government warrant such scrutiny?
Liveinguyana is of the belief that this is a case where Lall, a known backtracker with links to the criminal underworld, is using his newspaper as well as his relationship with the opposition to attack Indo Guyanese businessmen that are not of his liking.

The stolen GPL transformer found in a Regent Street
Mall owned by Glen Lall

When Glen Lall's brother kidnapped and subsequently married an underage girl the story got very little coverage in the Kaieteur News.
When gunmen invaded the Kaieteur News' Eccles press room in 2006, killing 5 employees after a backtrack deal went sour the issue got little coverage from Kaieteur News.
A stolen GPL transformer was found installed in a Regent Street Mall believed to be part owned by Glen Lall. Charges were brought against the 'front man' but the case collapsed after several witnesses repeatedly failed to show up in court. It was said that they were bribed. But strange enough Kaieteur News gave little coverage to this incident as well.


  1. Freddie Kissoon and Christopher Ram have their personal vendetta to try and get hold of ruling Guyana and transforming it back to the PNC times when Burnham banned Indian staples and prevented The Mirror from publishing.

    Christopher Ram and Drug dealing company are on a rampage to shut down any website that reveals or even mentions their name.

    Truthfulguyana ( has been informed by a Ram & McRae employee that Christopher Ram penned a letter in his name and also fabricated a statement supposedly being to be a "police office" into attempting to shut down Truthfulguyana.

    The only damage done to is that the website has been removed from all search engines.

    The employee also claimed that Ravendra Ram used his friend to write a letter to Kaieteur News to threaten the "anonymous owners" of Liveinguyana and Truthfulguyana and "another one with a profane name" with "facing the challenge".

    Is that freedom of speech taken too far for the critics?