Saturday, July 16, 2011

Any reopening of 'Claims & Objections' will not affect timely holding of elections

THE People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government is still holding firm to the option of staging an exercise similar to the recently concluded claims and objections period to cater for the alarmingly large electorate members that have been disenfranchised as Guyana prepares for this year’s National Election.
The administration’s position is being purported with an assurance that the statutory deadlines for the hosting of the 2011 National elections will in no way be compromised and has rejected the opposition’s complacency with the present status quo.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon was the first to appear on a series of televised panel discussions on the National Communications Network (NCN) to reiterate the administration’s stance on the issue.
“We are assured it can be done without violating any of the constitutional and statutory deadlines that currently exist to hold elections before the 28th of December 2011 and for us… the case has been made,” Dr Luncheon said.
The Cabinet Secretary argued the case that among the thousands of those disenfranchised were those who made documented efforts to obtain source documents in their effort to be registered voters.
The large number of uncollected Identification (ID) cards was among the primary issues of concern relating to the claims and objections exercise and the failure of persons to uplift such documents was partly to be blamed.
The ID card is essential to exercise the constitutional right to vote and, according to Dr Luncheon, Cabinet was reassured a few days ago by the “utterance” of GECOM that the possibility for the 40,000 cards to be distributed would extend up to polling date.
“Cabinet was indeed reassured that continuous efforts would be made by GECOM and by the political parties, by civic education stakeholders to promote the distribution and the upliftment of these 40,000 ID cards. We would keep examining progress in this area at the level of cabinet,” Dr Luncheon said.
Responding to questions posed by moderator Dr. Prem Misir on the issue of whether sufficient resources are available to GECOM to undertake such an intervention Dr. Luncheon assured that resources are available now more than ever before.
“The administration over successive years, since 2006, has made ample provision for GECOM to discharge its constitutional obligations so much so that in previous years GECOM has been noted for returning to the consolidated fund. So resources, that’s not an issue,” Dr. Luncheon said.
According to the regulatory framework, December 28 is the constitutional deadline for the holding of elections.
The Head of State is the sole authority to announce the date for holding national elections and 30 days prior to his announcement is nomination day.
On June 29, GECOM began the process of consulting with different political parties during a workshop on the features of the electoral system and familiarization with the requisite forms to be submitted on Nomination Day.
The workshop offered political parties the opportunity to make comments and suggestions, air complaints and concerns and develop understandings between parties and the Commission.
As it had done in the past, the commission intends to publish a Code of Conduct which all political parties are to affix their signatures confirming their willingness to “play by the rules,” and demonstrate “a commitment to free and fair elections.”
The conduct of the last elections in 2006 gained local and international acclaim and GECOM Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally expressed the view that the opportunity is again provided for Guyana to prove its maturity.


  1. The PNC or APNU or whatever name they want to hide under is a political agent for creating fear and terror in Guyana.Look at the WPA affiate Mark Benschop who tried to invade the Office of the President with an intention to harm the excellent president of Guyana in the early 2000s. Mark Benschop was led astray by Freddie Kissoon and Christopher Ram who encouraged him to do such treason acts to harm the President. Christopher Ram wants to do anything in his power to conquer people more successful than him using deviant means.
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    Ramesh Seebarran is on the verge of supporting Christopher Ram and Freddie Kissoon's parade of criminality.His in-law is Malcom Harripaul and he has been harassing his employees and clients who are PPP Supporters. This anti-PPP campaign these PNC and WPA people are doing is ridiculuous but also potentially dangerous based on their track record of inciting violence and fear into Guyana.
    Let's hope that the APNU desist from their criminal activities that would disrupt the elections.

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  3. I dont know whats wrong with the opposition party of this country this process will give those who are able to vote that has not register to exercise their right.

  4. Before the opposition take this has a chance to allow people to vote for them they making it an issue.