Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Berbice Expo opening attracts thousands.

THE 7th annual Berbice Expo and Trade Fair, organised by the Central Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (CCCC), opened Friday evening to thousands of patrons at the Albion Sports Complex. The event is being celebrated under the theme “Promoting Agribusiness and Tourism. The annual event allows local industries the opportunity to develop as it enhances their image and visibility on the local and international markets.

Giving the feature address at the opening ceremony, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad, called the annual expo a signature event that has developed in stature over the years, as it has been highlighting the accomplishments of Berbicians, putting the county and local investors on the map.
Minister Prashad said that events like the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair represent and demonstrate the creativity, talent and entrepreneurship of Guyanese

Government will be focusing on making more prominent the region’s role in the country’s tourism, and the Minister spoke of a Berbice Tourism Development Plan which will have components such as marketing of Fort Nassau as part of the country’s heritage tourism. The plan also foresees transformation of the Number 63 Beach.

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  1. The PPP Government is doing very well in regulating the inflation that is affecting the world due to the global food crisis and fuel prices.

    They have a writer named M.Maxwell who wrote in Tuesday July 26, 2011 Kaieteur News that Donald Ramotar can't prevent high food prices. But what is more ridiculous is that M.Maxwell blames the PPP for the current food prices and increased trend of the past 5 years when the world was facing increasing fuel prices.

    Who is M.Maxwell? A PNC mouthpiece or Christopher Ram and Freddie Felcher Kissoon in disguise?

    Please look at that letter to see the critics in action with no basis or objectivity.