Tuesday, July 12, 2011



  1. LOL!!!>>>>Watch Kaieteur News symbol nuh it is indeed the right symbol cause the shit that they print in the dailies sometime is just awful.

  2. You forgot Christopher Ram-

    Main objectives:

    To gain control of Guyana.
    To swindle all the monies from the B0G.
    To appoint Asmita Chand to become First Lady.
    To appoint Freddie Kissoon to eat the faeces of the First Lady.
    To appoint his son Ravendra Ram to become the First Gay.
    To appoint his wife Ena Ram as the First Hairless Punanny.
    To let his niece Melissa Ram take monies from the Treasury to take plastic surgery from her face down to her batty crease.
    To pilfer monies from Hotel Tower to pay for vaginal reconstruction surgery for his daughter.
    To increase taxes more than VAT to pay for his lavish lifestyle.
    Exempting taxes from Viagra because he needs it to slam Asmita Chand.
    To make it legal to be gay.
    To make it legal to be a sodomite.
    And many more scandals.

    Christopher Ram should not become President based on his intentions explained above.

  3. This propaganda website is besmriching the reputable character of His Excellency Bharrat Jagdeo.This is taken from Freddie and Ram's favourite website Guyana (Un)Observer:

    "The PPP Executive Committee members have voted against having an Afro-Guyanese as the party's Prime Ministerial candidate in the upcoming General Elections. The EC stated that 'blacks will not vote for PPP in numbers' and as such the party should no longer waste it's time and resources on 'that group.' The EC members prefer an Amerindian person as the party's PM candidate, leaving the few black members in the PPP and PYO very unhappy with such move. These disgruntled blacks within the PPP have shared their discomfort with President Jagdeo, who according to them did nothing thus far. Many are now considering other options, such as joining other political parties."

    This is sheer propaganda.