Saturday, July 2, 2011

Continued investment in Education by Gov't is bearing fruit.

While the government has been working relentlessly to improve all the sectors in Guyana, there are the perennial pessimists who prognosticate doom and gloom for the nation in a recurrent farcical, comedic parody, even describing this nation as a failed state.
However, the performances by the various sectors are irrefutable evidence that Guyana is well on the way to recovery from PNC excesses of the past that drove this nation down into the sphere of national destitution.
The many programmes driven by the Ministry of Education are incrementally generating rewards for the nation as both children in primary and secondary institutions, and adults in tertiary educational programmes, as well as techvoc initiatives have catapulted this country into the ranks of literacy par excellence once again.
Evidence of this are the phenomenal successes being recorded in rural schools.
Leonora Primary, West Ruimveldt Primary and CV Nunes Primary, among other rural public schools have a track record of success in the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) programme. However, shining like a star this year is Region 10’s Regma Primary School, which has recorded superlative success, including copping the grade one position.
This is a school practically unknown beyond the Region 10 community. However, today it is on the map and little Terron Alleyne is its satellite.
Among the many programmes the Ministry of Education has driven to improve literacy and numeracy in schools include the Literacy Hour, Accelerated Literacy Instruction Periods, the Interactive Radio Instruction programme, the fast-track literacy programme, among numerous others – and slowly but surely the results are emphasizing the continuum of successes that the Ministry of Education is achieving in fulfilling its mandate.

Education Minister Shaik Baksh has reported that pupils who gained 50 percent and more in Mathematics have shown an improvement of 41 percent this year, as opposed to 34 percent in 2010.
In the areas of English Language, Science and Social Studies there have been improvement of 14 percent, 10 percent, and one percent respectively.
The wealth of a nation is in its human resource. Guyana has lost a generation to illiteracy and consequential decay in social standards. However, slowly but surely this country is on its way back from the abyss into which it had been plunged during decades of profligacy and mismanagement as every sector continues to achieve optimally.
The rural schools are continuing to do this nation proud, and today the hitherto obscure Regma Primary School is topping the education charts. Linden is in the ascendancy once more. Congratulations, Terron!


  1. The wealth of a nation is in its human resource. Guyana has lost a generation to illiteracy and consequential decay in social standards

    Sentence 1...great
    Sentence illterate gotta be kidding, right. In fct Guyana lost a generation of extremely literate MIGRATION!!!

  2. Every year we see a rise in the education system when the grade six assessment was written it shows that the govt investment into the education is going well and they should continue to keep this standard.