Friday, July 15, 2011

Kaieteur News owner, Glen Lall is Guyana's version of Rupert Murdoch

Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall and Rupert Murdoch are
alike in many ways

Though not on par in terms of wealth, success and fame, Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall and embattled Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch can be compared in terms of their shady business practices, ethics violations and resort to criminal activities in an effort to gain advantage over their competitors.

Lall who has zero media back ground once sold greens in the Stabroek Market area and was also involved in the illegal back-track trade before opening Kaieteur News. His newspaper was accused of sending threatening text messages to a government official, boasts of and reported on its connections with wanted individuals, including the notorious Rondell 'Fineman' Rawlings. A fall out between Glen Lall and a gang of criminals from Agricola led to an attack on the newspaper's press room which resulted in the death of several of its employees.

Like Murdoch the newspaper makes no secret of its support for certain political parties (in this case the opposition) and is currently on and anti-PPP campaign. Lall also surrounds himself with convicted felons who function as his bodyguards.


  1. Someone should report Glen Lall and his alleged backtracking activities to the Immigration authorities and Christopher Ram should be reported to the ACCA Accounting Body for disciplinary action with his dealings in cocaine.

  2. Rags to riches can be very dangerous, like wa ole people say neva see come to see,the higher you climb the harder the fall, take note Uncle Glen don't cuss the bridge you got to cross.

  3. Kaieteur News is a propaganda paper filled with sentimentalism and bullshit. Freddie Kissoon's shit-fuck-bugger-antiman columns are a laughingstock because it is filled with fabricated facts. Glen Lall keeps raising the price of the newspaper even the backtrack business he has is flourishing.
    It would be history if Kaieteur News publish anything about Asmita Chand and Christopher Ram relationship which is unprofessional since Asmita Chand was an employee when Christopher Ram buggered her and suck her pokey dry.