Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kaieteur News' unyielding penchant for peddling falsehoods and distortions is disgusting

THE Ministry of Education said it views the relentless distortions, lies, half-truths and fabrications by the Kaieteur News in its reportage on the contracts awarded to Digital Technology as highly unfortunate and stretching the limits of yellow journalism.
Firstly, the ministry wishes to state that contrary to reports in Kaieteur News, it has been informed by Digital Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Krishendat Sukhu, that the company was registered as a sole trader business at the Deeds Registry in 2003.
Secondly, it said the claim by the newspaper that the ministry paid the company $10M for the replacement of two UPS at the University of Guyana (Turkeyen Campus) that were damaged by floods in 2005 is “a blatant lie.
“The two pieces of equipment were replaced by the manufacturer as both were on a three-year warranty [and] these equipment are working well,” the Ministry of Education said in a statement yesterday.
Thirdly, the Ministry of Legal Affairs Permanent Secretary Mr. Edward Wills has confirmed that the two computers supplied to the ministry are working well and there have been no reports of any defects as reported by the Kaieteur News.
Finance Secretary Nirmal Rekha has also confirmed that all contracts awarded to Digital Technology have followed all applicable tender procedures.
Fourthly, the Ministry of Education has contacted the Head of the University of Guyana Information Technology Department (Turkeyen Campus), Raymond Khan and the Director of the Berbice Campus Professor Daizal Samad and they have confirmed that the computers supplied to the university campuses are of good quality and are working well.
According to the ministry, “these are real and authentic persons who spoke on the matter; not the ghosts who Kaieteur News claimed it spoke with but was too afraid to reveal their identities.
“It is deeply disturbing that the Kaieteur News, which is portraying itself as the police against corruption, is hiding behind questionable and fictitious sources to launch their bitter and vile attacks to cast the ministry in bad light,” the Education Ministry stated.
The Ministry of Education also called on Kaieteur News to disclose the name of the minister who it said is a suspected financier of the said company.
“If the Kaieteur holds itself out as a credible newspaper it should not back down on this challenge as it would be deemed an admission that it is reporting false information to create mischief and make fools of the Guyanese people,” it challenged.
“The intent of the newspaper to distort and misinform readers is clear and was very much evident in its Sunday editorial which stated that the ministry granted the two contracts to Digital Technology,” the ministry stated.
It noted, too, that the Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper, Mr. Adam Harris and two reporters of the very news outlet were at the NCN briefing where Education Minister Mr. Shaik Baksh went at great lengths to point out that “the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board is the authority responsible for the evaluation and the award of contracts.
“Tenders are opened publicly, evaluated by a committee appointed by the board which makes reports and recommendations, and an award is finally made by the board,” the ministry stressed.
The Ministry of Education also reiterates “for the umpteenth time”, that it does not award or grant contracts as the newspaper wants readers to believe.
“Yet, the Kaieteur News, in its push to obtain cheap publicity and propagate false information proceeded to publish this erroneous claim.”
“The unyielding position by the Kaieteur News to peddle falsehoods and distortions is disgusting, and from all indications, it appears as though some reporters of the newspaper are on the payroll of some bitter competitors,” the ministry posited.

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