Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fraud unearthed at Accountant General's Dept not related to AFC's call for removal of 17,000 names from Old Age pension register

The Alliance For Change (AFC) All Fools Congregation(AFC), in an attempt to deceive is propagating the falsity that it should be given credit for the unearthing of a fraud involving employees and other persons at the MOF's Accountant General Dept.
The party and its agents/spokespersons are tying this claim of theirs to Sheila Holder's outrageous demand in parliament for the removal of 17,000 old age pensioners from the old age pension register earlier this year citing their non-existence.
The publicity whores in Campbellville are fully aware that this is a totally different issue from the one currently at hand in which a total of $196 million in post-retirement benefits were siphoned off to 54 persons at the Accountant General’s Department.
The siphoned money was paid over to the 54 persons under the pretext that they were retirees. It has absolutely nothing to with SHEILA HOLDER'S CALL FOR THE REMOVAL OF 17,000 NAMES FROM THE OLD AGE PENSION REGISTER which received widespread condemnation.

The AFC seems desperate to make up for its inability to attract the attention of the voting populace and apart from organizing raffles, bar-b-ques and limes, sensationalism seems to be the new method the party has chosen to gain attention.

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