Monday, July 4, 2011

The more we look at APNU, the less we 'see'.

Counter Punch: Ring the bell its election time again. Yes, it’s that period in our nation where Guyanese will again choose their leaders for the next five years in an environment free from fear and free and fair.

It is a very significant period in any nation’s history but it is also a period where some who have lived in obscurity all their lives see this as the ideal stage to draw some attention.
Of course there are the usual one man parties or family parties, where the only votes usually come from close family members. This aspect of the political scene drew much laughter a few election seasons ago when a certain short politician became suspicious that his family voted against him as when the results were announced for his district no one voted for his party.
To this day no one has bothered to tell him that even he voted against himself.
Then there was the hat man who first started as a guest of the short man but broke away to form the religious party and no one has heard from him since.
But it looks like we have a replacement in the form of a suit man to take over from the short man and hat man this time around.
However, unlike King Midas it looks like everything suit man touches turns to ashes; the most recent being his plantain chips factory.
It is probably the first time in Guyana’s history that a plantain chips business has not succeeded. Suit man definitely needs a lesson in managing a business from those street corner vendors in the villages who have been successful for so many years.
Light hearted banter aside, it seems as though some of the new kids on the block have decided that they are not going down the same road as their predecessors. One party has already decided that it will not remain a family party; it is now the street side bar-b-key party. It decided a few days ago to draw a crowd for the speakers by holding a raffle giving away big prizes, including plenty US dollars. The catch is the raffle will be drawn right after the head man for the bar-b-key party talk. The people feel they so smart they guarantee a crowd. Funny thing is that only a cow turned up for the event.
The bar-b-key party people dead serious, they decide they are not suffering any losses so they take the cow and put it up for raffle at the next bar-b-key event. They are charging 2US for a shot at winning the cow.
They have serious trouble on their hands though as word coming
out from the bar-b-key camp is that the cow says it feels it has a good chance of being leader of the party when the spin the wheel and win competition comes up again, so it is not going anywhere.

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