Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Christopher Rajendra Ram

Liveinguyana received this email today from the son of Christoper Ram in which he is threatening to hack this Blog as well as the PPP/C's website.

Dear Liveinguyana,

Your website has been slandering the name of myself, my siblings, my mom and my dad.You know who I'm talking about. Does "Christopher Rammed his pocket with Salim money" ring a bell?

I will personally recruit hackers to destroy and obliterate Liveinguyana and The Mirror websites because it seems you are on a crusade against me and my dad owing to his exposures of you corrupt sons of b*tches.

Take this as a warning. The hackers will strike you and you will regret it.

Your biggest fan,

Christopher Rajendra Ram
904 Lascala Drive,


  1. I remember not so long ago that GINA's website was hacked by anonymous individuals. Maybe there is a possibility that Christopher Ram had something to do with it?

  2. OMG!This is the true form of unprofessionalism and autocratic behaviour coming from Christopher Ram and his children who they try to portray themselves as respectable members of society.
    Christopher Ram may have been infuriated that his fabricated and malicious claims to Google Blogger isn't doing anything to shut down Liveinguyana.blogspot and Truthfulguyana.blogspot so Christopher Ram's children are resorting to intimidation and hacking to save the fake integrity and respect that they hold in Guyanese society.

  3. Rajendra Ram is furious that is revealing his shady dealings with drugs money. Now since Ena Ram claims that is vindictive she failed in her attempt to shut down the websites. What an infringement and violation of Freedom of Speech.
    Rajendra Ram should be reported to the Guyana Police Force for his threats. He isn't above the law.

  4. Christopher Ram knows that his false complaints to Google Blogger isn't working. So he is resorting to hacking and intimidation to shut down Liveinguyana. It's over two years that he is attempting to do it. False complaints don't disable websites. There is evidence that Christopher Ram does not want the public to view that is on Liveinguyana.

  5. Ena Ram's divorce testimonial on

    The hidden truth of Christopher Ram and his relationship with former Ram & Mc Rae employee Asmita Chand on

    Christopher Ram is a dictator!

  6. This is a serious matter that he is threat this blog that he would have people to hack and destroy the site.

  7. Its clear that this man is mad that some of his and his father involvement with some drug baron are being expose so he is threaten to hack the website.