Thursday, July 21, 2011

Commuters take a stand against drunk and reckless mini-bus drivers

In wake of Monday’s accident that claimed the lives of five people on Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown scores of people on Wednesday protested at the Stabroek minibus parks against drunk and reckless drivers, demanding justice and harsher penalties for the offenders.

Just two days after the devastating accident, scores of persons from all areas of Guyana congregated at the Ministry of Home Affairs, on Brickdam, staging the protest, petitioning for immediate action to be taken.

Several persons expressed their thoughts on what actions and measures need to be taken. One woman said that in cases like these, the driver would get six months in prison and is then freed. This she said cannot be allowed.

“ These drivers need to be subjected to an extensive jail time or be hanged because people are dying. If this carnage does not stop, someone has to do something about it; let the police men camouflage themselves and get into creases and look for these reckless drivers”, the woman expressed.

She added that the police force needs to up its duties.

She said there are countless drivers operating minibuses without a license.

Another woman, Lynette Johnson stated that she came in from England a week ago and now she has to face the death of a relative.

She added that it is indeed very devastating to know that an innocent person’s life was taken while the guilty has survived.

“ God knows best and that reckless driver will have to live with the five people that he killed on his conscience until the day he dies. Some of these conductors and drivers are very impolite. I was in a bus recently and the driver was playing loud music, I asked the driver to turn the music down and he told me “ what is wrong with you, are you old fashioned or what”, Johnson stated.

One woman said the reason she came out to the protest was simply because she is a mother.

“ When I saw the news and how many persons died, it was just hurting.

These drivers’ license must be taken away permanently and most importantly, they must be sent to jail. These drivers are like road devils”, the woman stated.

One woman who lost her best friend in the accident was in tears during the protest.

Placards were mounted with statements stating; ‘ many more will die if action is not taken’, ‘ we are in pain but will demand justice’ and ‘ reckless drivers must be given severest punishment’.


  1. It's very tragic for these minbus drivers to be involved in accidents due to carelessness. But the reporting style of Kaieteur News about the Sophia bus accident, especially with the gore images of the victims is total disrespect to the victims and it seems that Freddie Kissoon wants to make the accident a political issue. Shame on Kaieteur News.

  2. Kaieteur News violated the privacy of the victims by publishing their injuries in print and online. Freddie Kissoon wants to make it a political issue but its the minibus drivers who need to be sought after.
    The APNU and AFC are demons for thinking that this tragic accident is something political. Just as how Sheila Holder claims that 17,000 living pensioners are "ficitious and ghosts". The APNU and AFC have no regard for life.

  3. Most drivers need to be more cautious on the road way and have the passengers lives at interest and stop the dangerous driving.